is a web site against climate change

Climate change happens because there is too much carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere. Every year 18 billion tons of it are remaining additionally there which is the half of the world’s annual emissions. There a two things we can do about it: Reduce the emissions and create new vegetation.

Pro-verdura wants to help new vegetation to come up. Here we collect information about projects which plant new trees – new area projects. Those projects are valuated and recommended for donations – if they are recommendable.

At the same time the existing woodlands have to be kept. Pro-verdura wants to support that. Here we collect information about projects which protect forests – protected area projects. They become valuated as well and recommended for donations if they are recommendable.

Pro-verdura is advertising for new area projects and protected area projects

If it becomes reality that more and more of those projects which are recommended by this website receive donations than the other projects will as well try to fulfill the 5 valuation criteria – transparency, efficiency, expansivity, biodiversity and sustainability – so that they are recommended, too.

Pro-verdura is advertising for confidence and trust in our future

If it becomes real, that certain recommended and reliable projects get more and more donations than maybe further people will agree to do something for the conservation of our world. There will be more people who donate for tree-friendly projects which are reliable. They will say: “Others are helping already and so do I.”

Pro-verdura does give and take information

This is a pure information platform. Here you find the links to the projects, also the donation links. You find informations and you can give informations. Pro-verdura is independent and has no treaty with the projects. It is a private initiative and is financed by private means.

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