Rainbow in the Yukon Territory

We can save the world – let’s start with the Yukon territory / Canada!

open your e-mail accound, copy the text, copy the e-mail-adresses, turn [at] to @ … and send the message.

What is coming about …

In Canada the government of the Yukon territory is planning to permit mining licenses to large enterprises – for a region as large as Ireland, the Peel River Watershed. The native habitants are against that but don’t get recognized very much.

What we can do:

We can do something. The German NGO “Wilderness International” is calling to write an e-mail to the responsible persons:

to the Peel Watershed Planning Commission: peel[at]planyukon.ca
to the Yukon Premier Mr. Dennis Fentie: premier[at]gov.yk.ca

Here’s a proposal for the text:

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

To whom it may concern:

I write in order to help the native people, the animals and the flora of the Peel River Watershed, a beautiful wild region of the size of Ireland, in the Yukon territory in Canada.

I live thousands of miles away from that places but we are one world.

We shall protect the lifelihoods of earth for our children. I know that there are plans to allow mining firms to exploit the region. This would be devastating for us all.

More and more natural habitats on earth are threatened by the economical interests of private enterprises.

Please realize that this is a development which has to be interrupted. Please begin to think the other way and act responsable:

I ask you to provide full protection of the ENTIRE PEEL RIVER WATERSHED including the Snake River, the Wind River, the Bonnet Plume River, the Hart River, the Blackstone River, and the Ogilvie River

The Peel Watershed is a boreal mountain wilderness of international significance –therefore I ask you not to allow any habitat fragmentation in the region, I ask you not to allow ANY industrial development including roads, landing strips or rail development.

I do not want mines or mineral exploration and development in the Peel River Watershed; above all I ask you urgently that no uranium mining be allowed in the watershed, this would contaminate the water, the soil, as well as plant and animal life for generations to come.

I ask you not to permit any iron ore, copper, coalbed methane, oil and gas exploration and development ANYWHERE in the Peel watershed.

I want the waters from all the Rivers in the watershed to remain as clean as they are today, drinkable and free of pollution for people and animals.

I want the Peel Watershed to remain an undisturbed wilderness area with its ecological integrity intact. The First Nations people use this area for their traditional lifestyle. Eco-tourists come to enjoy its unique natural beauty.

Caribou, grizzly bears, wolves, peregrine falcons, and wolverine live in harmony as they have for millenia in one of the last true remaining wilderness areas on the planet.

Sincerely, yours

(name of the writer)

It doesn’t require much time: open e-mail- account, copy the text, copy the addresses, turn [at] into @, and send the message! Don’t forget to put your name under the letter ….

Thank you very much! We can do it together – give trees a chance.

Mackenzie River – near Peel River Watershed

Find out more …

link to the NGO “Wilderness International” with further information:


Read this article about how mining industry is threatening the Peel River Watershed:

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