All projects get valuated by the same criteria

Every project – new area project or protected area project – has to face the same question:

Is it
a) expansive
b) transparent,
c) efficient,
d) biodivers and
e) sustainable?


The weakest criterium or rather the one which is asked for with the most goodwill…  A new area project is expansive, if there are still hectares left which have to be filled with trees. A protected area project is expansive if either the protected area is to be extended or the intended protection standard hasn’t been reached yet.


The strictest criterium or rather the one on which the most projects need improvement. A project is transparent, if

a) there is a map in the internet which makes it possible to visit the referred new area or protected area, and
b) it is possible to direct donations to the particular project.

Recently pro verdura asks as well
c) if there is a yearly report about acitivities and finances regarding the project.

This point is fulfilled by very few projects at the moment.

Regarding the huge protected area projects pro verdura asks as well if there is a local contact point for visitors.


A project is efficient, if the cost per hectare (new area or protected area – depending upon the project type) are being told and seem to be adequate.


A project is fulfilling this point if it aims at preserving or attracting as many species as possible on the area.


A project is sustainable if they take effective measures of if it is ensured that the vegetation will remain in good state. Here the methods of sustainable forest use are important and the question how the local population gets involved in the project.

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