Let’s reafforest the Tesso Nilo National Park in the heart of Sumatra!

The sad story

The Tesso Nilo National Park is situated in the heart of the Indonesian Island Sumatra, one of the biggest islands of the earth.

Sumatra was nearly totally covered by rainforest in the past.

Today the island is practically one huge palm oil plantation. The rainforest is being cleared by burning it down.

In comparison to the Island of Borneo Sumatra is flat and accessible. On Borneo the rainforest still can hide away behind some mountain ranges in the center of the island.

Malaysia and Sumatra are the world’s biggest palm oil suppliers.

The WWF’s efforts –  honest, but in vain …

The WWF pushed through that a main part of the Tesso Nilo region in Sumatra’s heart was declared a National Park. The pulp enterprise which had the official rights to felling gave up its commercial aims there.

The area of Tesso Nilo National Park was enlargened in 2009 from 32,000 hectares up to 86,000 hectares. It was meant to grow in order to connect the isolated rests of rainforest.

But all the efforts and the success were in vain :

In 2015 about 60 per cent of the National Park’s rainforest were destroyed by artificial fires, iniciated by illegal acting palm oil firms.

Has the WWF given up?

At the moment they are only administrating the remaining forest dots.

Appeal:  No destruction of life habitats for palm oil – let’s reafforest the National Park!

It seems that it’s easy to get possession of burned land – who stands first with the machine gun will plant first?

This cannot be. We are the ones who shall plant first – rainforest trees.

Tesso Nilo has to be reafforested.

The WWF should agree with the Indonesian Government about wiping the plantation possessors out of the National Park and restore the animals’ and plants’ habitats.

Current situation: The palm oil producers go on with their business and we are meant to consume palm oil products …

Palm oil plantations sell their oil to international groups. We buy it within our daily chocolate, in nearly every sweet, our slices of sausage from the supermarket and our bread paste. We fill our fuel tanks with it because the (fossil) fuels contain palm oil to a certain percentage.

Palm oil mainly comes from Indonesia and Malaysia where they are still burning down rainforest. Palm oil plants could be raised as well on about between 6 and 20 million hectares of fallow land there, but the yield would not be as high as on freshly burned rainforst soil.

If we begin to reafforest the rainforest in the heart of Sumatra – Tesso Nilo National Park – this could be a signal to the world that would be much stronger than the bad news of burning rainforests and their haze.

Calls to action

Let us buy products without palm oil until the day when no more rainforest gets burned in order to install plantations.

Let us all write to the WWF one sentence: “We want the reafforestation of the Tesso Nilo National Park on Sumatra.” – carola.wehr[at]wwf.de –

Further info…

Article about the current situation there: https://news.mongabay.com/…/fires-rage-in-indonesian-park-…/

About the WWF’s current protected area project – regarding the rests of the burned National Park – with other links: https://www.pro-verdura.info/project/tesso-nilo-national-park-rimbang-baling-wildlife-reserve/

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